Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Fact About Fact-Checking

Everyone seems hyped up this morning....over the evening debate between Clinton and Trump.  The key term used....fact-checking.  Lester Holt went and did some fact-checking to settle some issues....mostly (almost all) hitting on Trump.  So, here's the reality of fact-checking.

Over the past year....maybe for the entire past twenty to thirty years....Americans have been fact-checking.  Shocked?

Americans fact-checked the Republican Party,, the Democratic Party, CNN, the New York Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, the Washington Post, Fox News, NewsWeak, and a hundred different foundations, lobbyists, or pretender news organizations.

If you started back thirty years ago, and wrote down the stewed words, fake reports, bogus news, and slanted facts put out.....it'd probably encompass a 6,000-page book.

We've fact-checked ministers, congressmen, judges, Hollywood actors, scientists, Saudis-terrorists, bimbos, trailer-trash lawyers, intellectuals, Presidents, and radio-talk show dimwits.

To be blunt.....we've wasted an awful lot of time on fact-checking people and would have been better off maintaining our lawn, painting the garage, playing softball, bowling, or cleaning out our septic tank.

The news folks?  They seem to be hyped up and think they've cornered the market in fact-checking.  Well.....they've come too late.  They've had years to fact-check and learn the trade.  They seem at best to have marginally drifted over into fact-checking and pretend they know something about it.  The truth is....they are leagues behind the general public.

Maybe for a week or two.....people will still talk over fact-checking and how the news media is pumped up.  At some point, reality will settle into position and people will begin to go back and ask questions.  These questions....over facts....will be admired by the news media, and then left there on the table.  Best not to be discussed.  That's the fact about fact-checking.

The China Story

A science story caught my eye yesterday.

China has decided to put money and effort into alien contact projects.  There are thousands of ways that they could go and spend government funding but they decided that they'd get into the alien-contact business.

Most people would say that it's a fairly good way of wasting money.  But if you sit and ponder about this....you might come to a difference conclusion.

One day.....some alien race is finally going to announce itself, and they will come to land on Earth.  Where they land and who they associate with.....makes a big difference.

Generally, if you watch all these alien movies.....the aliens always seem to land in America.  There's no real explanation for this except that aliens seem to like Americans more than anyone else.

I suspect the Chinese watched enough of this and said.....why not China?

What happens as the alien ship starts to land and it's in the middle of China?  They are the 'insider' to any future relationship with the aliens.  Naturally, this would upset the Americans greatly.

Will this create a competition situation between China and the US on alien contact?  I'm guessing that some anger and hostility will emerge from the US side....it being unfair that China is spending a lot of money while the US spends less.

The amusing thing is that both could make all this effort, and in the end....the aliens decide to land in Iceland because of the scenic territory and great tasting beer.