Saturday, 1 October 2016

How German-Style Voting Would Work in the US

First, everyone would be mandated to have a state-ID (not a drivers license, but an actual state-produced ID).  It'd be good for ten years and you'd apply at the county office after you produce your birth certificate and something to show who you are.  The card would cost in the range of $10 to $20. Those who are on welfare, would simply provide evidence of such and they would receive the card for free.  No excuse would be acceptable for lacking the state-ID.  No religious ideology reasons....period.

Then you would register at the county office (the county clerk) and fill out a simple form to note where you live.....the actual house, apartment, cabin, or tent.  It'd take sixty seconds to fill out the form and you sign it.  Data goes into a state database. Only the cops, country clerk or judges can access this database.  It will list only your primary residence.....where you spend most of your time and where you will be taxed from.   If you want to pretend that you live out of a car....fine, where is the car parked?

When elections approach, a letter will be mailed to your residence.  It'll list your voting point, the day of the election, and time of operation.  That letter will be required to vote.

Early voting?  Not possible.

Absentee voting?  It'll be limited to those outside of the country at the time, or those who are in hospitals or old folks homes.

Election day?  It'll be on a Sunday, from 7AM to 6PM.

ID required to vote?  Yes, you will produce that state-ID and show who you are.  No ID?  No vote.

Trying to register in different states and double-vote?  The rolls are shared with other states and individuals who are double-registered will be contacted by the cops to come down and explain their situation.   Unless you've got some major mental might want to get a lawyer and start fixing your double-registration problem real quick.

Dead people voting?  Doesn't happen, unless you died this morning right after you voted in town.

False IDs?  Cops will be called and there are some chances that you might go and spend three months in jail.

I'm not saying the Germans are perfect, but they don't have dead people voting or foreign folks registered to vote.  When they say 125,000 folks voted in this town today.....there's 0-percent chance that 250 dead people voted or 900 foreign citizens were registered to vote.