Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Quarter-of-a-Quarter-Pounder Crowd?

Somewhere over the past week, US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack spoke at a National Press Club function, and said that people need to cut back on the food they put on their plate.

"Food production is a challenge, because we're going to have to increase food production -- I've seen anywhere from 50 to 70 percent in the next 35 years -- to meet a growing world population.  But the first step, and the one way the USDA can provide help and assistance to meet this need, is to expand on the -- on the issue of food waste,  A third of the food that we grow, raise and produce in this country is never consumed the way it was intended. It's wasted.  It ends up oftentimes in our landfills as solid waste. In fact, in our landfills today, food waste is the single largest component of solid waste in landfills.   First and foremost, America can stop wasting food.   We can reduce portion sizes, we can have a more informed consuming public,  The USDA is providing an app that allows you to sort of go online and figure out if something's been in the refrigerator for a couple of days, is it still OK to eat that type of thing? And if we can't reduce it or reuse it, then we need to recycle it. So that's one strategy that we're working on."

So, in the sense of the word, he'd like for everyone to cut back the food portions on your plate.

Making the standard of a "Quarter-of-a-Quarter-Pounder"?  Well, yeah.

Cutting T-bone steaks in half?  Just putting half as much ice-cream on your desert tray as previously?
For some folks, it'd be a North Korea-like diet situation....eating 1,500 calories a day.

So, how did this comment get created?  I'm guessing that some political agenda got into the middle of this and some lobbyist convinced the Ag Department that producing less can only occur if you put less on the plates.

My dad was an enthusiast of the second, third, and fourth helpings on a plate. When the buffet operations finally came into full bloom in was like Christmas morning.  There was guaranteed to be a minimum of three helpings before you got to the ice cream and cake point.  Just stopping by a catfish fry operation....mean at least six to eight fish and a dozen hush-puppys.  My hunch is that these less-food-on-the-plate agenda folks haven't had to deal with the multiple helping folks before.

I have some doubt that this will go anywhere much.  But it does beg for conversational material and you just have to wonder who would lobby for stuff like this.