Sunday, 9 October 2016

"Tic Tac Respects All Women"

We've reached a stage in this presidential campaign where just about anything to slam Donald Trump will be exercised and used.  So, they finally found the audio (not the video) to have Donald giving advice on 'pu$$y'.

Somewhere in the midst of his comment to Mr Bush (Billy).....he noted a mention of Tic Tacs.

The makers of Tic Tacs got worried about the mention and decided that they better come out and let everyone know.....they really do respect women.  How many customers worried or were dismayed prior to Tic Tac noting they were observing the sacred non-thrill side of women?  I'd take a guess that half-a-million Democrats and probably 100,000 fake Republicans.  Were the fake Republicans going to vote for Trump?  No.

At some point yesterday, I noted that not only did McCain come out to be a fake Republican once again, but also Paul Ryan (head of the House).  Both insisted they just couldn't side anyone who mentioned "Pu$$y" in such a way.  The fact that Rapist-Bill is still around?  It didn't get brought up.  Charges on Hillary and the email server?  None.

There are basically two political parties now existing in America.  There is the Democratic Party, and there is the Fake-"Pu$$y"-Republican Party (FPR for short).  The FPR guys would like to convince everyone that they've got some righteous mission in life.....which doesn't involve "Pu$$y" but does involve stopping the outrageous health-care insurance deal.  The FPR guys also want to share with you their intention of standing against the evil Democrats while they really love and like the Democrats.  Go figure that one.

It is fairly screwed-up.

Here in the mist of this heavy fog?  Tic Tac trying to convey some urgent love for women.....which no vulgar terms can be used for secret regions.

Here's the sad thing about this counter-Trump episode.....thirty years ago, this "Pu$$y" criticism would have worked.  Today?  You can turn on most any network and hear the term mentioned a dozen times a day.  Comedians discuss "it" during their acts like you sip beer and laugh over the "Pu$$y" jokes.  Here in Germany on a Saturday night....we have a comedy show that is called "Pu$$y Terror" which features Carolin Kebekus....a German comedian who throws out some harsh lines on men, and women.  No one seems to get upset about "Pu$$y Terror".

In roughly four weeks, it's over.  Course, I imagine that with a Trump win.....enough ""Pu$$y" Republicans will be around to whine and complain over a Trump Presidency.  If Hillary wins?  The "Pu$$y" Republicans will be happy and sad at the same time.....faking us out to some degree but basically confirming that they never were real Republicans.

And the Tic Tac folks?  They need not worry.....the consumption level won't be be affected by "Pu$$y" or Hillary.