Thursday, 13 October 2016

If Trump Loses

What happens if Trump loses?  I might suggest ten things.

1.  Unbelievable public frustration.  Trump has to win both Florida and Ohio.  Without them, it's a loss.  A lot of people will ask questions and demand accountability....believing that dead people and illegals voted.  Both states will face a significant amount of investigation and I think some people....not just voters but some clerks and lobbyists who helped....will end up in jail.  Civil suits will be discussed, and damages is talked about into the billions.

2.  An incredible amount of blame will split the Republican Party.  There will be the GOP folks (the fakes) and the Deplorables/Tea Party.   Those who remain the GOP and think that people will come back....will be shocked by the end of 2017 where it's pretty guaranteed to be a weak and marginalized GOP in existence.  The news media will laugh over the Deplorables into 2018 but find that some Democrats (maybe five to eight percent) have crossed over and joined them.

3.  CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and MSNBC will wake up by mid-2017 and discover that their numbers aren't returning to normal and people have quit viewing national news.  Same for the Washington Post and NY Times.  Some newspapers will be forced to consolidate or go to a five-day-a-week publication.  CNN will be sold off by the end of 2018.

4.  Hillary Clinton finds herself President but in a tremendous amount of fake politics as she's being investigated for past email issues.  The House and Senate (still Republican-controlled) will try to generate a fake hearing but most Deplorables don't believe the talk.

5.  Bad health follows Hillary for most of 2017 and 2018.  Less than six international trips occur in this period.  There are two to three days a week where you don't see Hillary at all.  By the end of 2019, it's obvious that she can't run a full-up primary deal but the Democrats fake their way through, because she's the only one running.

6.  Paul Ryan fakes his priorities enough and is the GOP candidate in the spring of 2019 to head up the next Presidential election.  Lots of fake stories and harassment occurs by the news media against the Deplorables.

7.  The Deplorables mount a major campaign in roughly twenty states and will likely take at least eight states with the candidate.....mostly southern states.  Because of this....neither Hillary or Ryan can win via the Electoral College, so the thing goes to the House, and Paul Ryan wins.

8.  Democrats are angry.....Deplorables are angry....and the general attitude around the US is bitter and negative.

9.  At least two other parties start talking about forming up is younger generation Democrats and the other will be a hostile Green Party.  The two will combine by the summer of 2022 and send up a combined candidate against the regular Democratic and Republican contenders.

10.  Hillary Clinton will quietly exit in 2020.....keeping the Clinton Foundation still going, because of the deal that Paul Ryan rigged up.  In the end, everyone seems to think that Ryan and Hillary work for the same people....just not the voting people.