Monday, 17 October 2016

When Journalism Fails

Over the weekend......I came to note some thirty-second clip from one of CNN’s "talking heads".....Chris Cuomo.  He stood there and told is absolutely illegal for the public to have possession of these emails leaked by WikiLeaks.   So the public can't read them, but YES, the news media could read them and determine what was in the public interest or significant about the content.

I kid you not.

I watched the video twice, and just sat back.  It was one of the most stupid things that I'd seen on CNN over the past twenty years.  Back in the 1990s, they had an assembly of crackerjack journalists and tended to be fairly professional.  That era.....came and went.

Out of a hundred people watching Cuomo's WikiLeaks many believe CNN's take on this illegal stuff?  Probably less than five people.  The bulk will just view Cuomo and this absurd talk as part of the new news media that they have to deal with or avoid.

One might even ask if it's illegal for the public to have information....what law gives the news media the right?  Chris would probably grin and just avoid saying the obvious answer.