Wednesday, 19 October 2016

2017: It Really Doesn't Matter

On the day after the election.....when the smoke clears, and you seem to think....OK, it's over., it's not really over.

It doesn't matter if Hillary wins or Trump wins....2017 promises to be a fairly miserable year for the losers (the voters who voted this way or that way), and they won't let this fall back into the normal situation.

I expect demonstrations to occur.  The inauguration will be a massive demonstration.  By March, most news organizations will feature nightly pieces on hostile and frustrated voters who can't respect the vote.

Dead voters, people voting twice or more, and non-American registered and voting....will become talk of the nation.  Various states (at least twenty) will talk of voter ID and new tactics on punishing dead registration.  One state, I will predict, will require all voters to come in for registration and actually have a picture of themselves made to authenticate their identity.

Trump supporters condemning fake Republicans or RINOs will start to become standard.  By the spring of 2018, some Republicans running in the 2018 election period will be kinda scared because they don't have the full support of their normal voters.

Thug-comedians will turn chances to have President Trump on their they had President Obama on numerous occasions.

All of matter who wins.....will permanently scar America and set into motion a number of changes that will be negative.