Thursday, 20 October 2016

NFL Ratings Down

It's an interesting story which I've sat and reviewed at least a dozen times over the past month.  Various news outlets publish reports almost weekly now....chatting over the numbers.  Depending on who you view or read from.....the ratings are 10 to 20 percent down from the average.  For a TV product, it's not good news.

Why are the ratings down?  I've seen an amazing number of creative explanations.  Some say it's the political season and people are handcuffed to that.  Some say it's over-saturation.  Some point toward too many TV options.  Almost no one wants to admit or say it's Kaepernick and his knee-down on the national anthem situation.

Oddly, no one seems to want to interview real people.  That's the curious thing about the whole story.  I've yet to see some sports journalist stop five people in an airport and confirm that they are not watching the NFL much, and then asking why.  They really don't want to ask this public this question because if it comes back that 99-percent of the public are avoiding the NFL games because of the flag and anthem business (leading straight back to Kaepernick).....then things are now permanently screwed up and business won't return to normal.

How corrupted or screwed up is news?  On a scale of one to ten.....I'd give it 'seven' or 'eight' now.  For no one to ask this one simple question amongst a dozen guys in a sports just doesn't make sense.

What happens after the season ends?  If the Super Bowl ends with a lesser TV audience (even just two or three percent), it will scare the NFL to a great degree, and the franchise owners.  Contracts for 2017?  If I were the manager and my product is now a lesser product.....I'd cut pay....maybe by 10-percent.  I'd let the players know the situation and prepare for some kind of strike action....just to make matters worse.

You just shake your head over how this all occurred.