Sunday, 23 October 2016

WikiLeaks Observation

The WikiLeaks people have to be sitting there and pondering reality.

They've released a ton of information over the past two months.  You would think that all of this would weigh heavily upon the Democrats in this election and harm Hillary greatly., it's almost nothing.

Why?  I think mostly because the networks, newspapers, and news blogs have almost no coverage.  You can go and view everything at the WikiLeaks site, but that means searching and trying to analyze each single email.  WaPo or NY Times doing the research?  No.....I'd take a guess that almost zero research is being done by them currently.

All of this, and absolutely no take-down?  Yeah, that's the humorous part of this story now.

Presently, I think that they could even come up with a video of Hillary Clinton talking to some crackheads from Atlanta, and promising them jobs with the state department, and I don't think anyone would care.

Who Would Putin Want: Trump or Clinton

If you sit and ponder on this long enough, you come to a surprising result.

If you were Russia's Putin, you'd want someone that would continually be in trouble with the American public, someone physically and mentally weak, and someone tied to continued scandals.

With Clinton's Parkinsons.....the following items are noted with the medication that you'd typically take: impulsive and compulsive behavior, hallucinations and delusions.

There is zero reliability that the Clinton Foundation will be taken down at the end of this election.....even if Hillary Clinton wins.  So I expect the inner workings of the foundation to be closely watched by the KGB and the email server to be penetrated by hackers on a daily basis.  Emails between Bill, Hillary and Chelsea?  At least a dozen Russian hackers will read them daily and deliver the best quotes back to Putin.

If you really wanted to get under Hillary's skin?  Go and time five or six events to occur at midnight, where the White House staff have to awaken Hillary and lessen her sleep schedule as much as possible.

So I generally don't believe the news media or the experts any longer.  The person that Putin would prefer is not Trump.  Although there could be one or two minor advantages with Trump.  The suggestion by Trump earlier in the year of lessening participation in NATO?  Putin might like that idea because he could push Germany around a bit and they wouldn't have the US standing in their corner.

President Clinton not grasping how Putin plays the game?  I don't think she's that keen or perceptive on foreign relations.  She wasted four years mostly just shaking hands and giving speeches.  Her state department time is utterly worthless.

As for the final key to the Putin desire for Hillary to win?  She's stuck to cellphones and easy email operations.  She has shown no tendency to upgrade or get smart.  It's all an advantage to Putin's intelligence service.

The news folks.....I think....are lost on this topic.

2018 Senate Race and the 2016 Presidential Winner

Just something to ponder about.

There are 33 Senate seats up for election in 2018.  Right now.....two Democrats are absolutely running for re-election.  One Republican has already said he won't run again and will retire.  Seven Republicans and twenty-one Democrats are in the "thinking" stage of running again.  And at the end of this entire group.....two independents.....with both likely to run.

Right now, the general belief by various news groups is that there might be a challenge thrown up against the Republicans in Nevada and Arizona.  I don't see this being affected by a President Hillary or a President Trump.  It might be suggested that the Supreme Court choices under a President Hillary would make some residents in these two states get hyper and negative against Democrats.

As for the remaining states, mostly under Democrats?  West Virginia, North Dakota and New Jersey might be states where a real Republican contender could win and take three more seats.  In this case, a President Trump....on the campaign trail in the three states might help that candidate.

But there is this odd feature of a President Trump.....a number of GOP players went negative on him during this election.  My humble guess is that there would be some pay-back.  In Arizona's case, Republican Senator Jeff Flake went negative on Trump.  So, Trump might come to campaign in the Republican primary for someone to replace Flake.

Currently in Nevada's Senate election situation (2016), the Republican running has gone negative on Trump, and found that he's now lost votes.  Enough to lose the election?  Yeah.

I think what you will see is a crowd of new faces in 2018, with several Republicans sent home (Senator Bob Corker of Tenn might be one who is replaced as well).