Monday, 24 October 2016

Just the Numbers Game

2008:  Candidate Obama put on charm and enthuiasm and got 69 million votes.  Against a marginalized campaign by McCain, who got 59.5 million votes.

2012: President Obama put on less charm and enthusiasm and got 59 million votes.  Romney got 57.1 million (2 million less votes than McCain).


This entire primary by Hillary has been less charm and less enthusiasm that we saw in 2008 or to think in relative numbers....I'd say at best....she might be able to see 57 million votes.  All Trump has to get what a weak McCain or Romney got, and he wins.

When you go back to the primary period of 2007/2008.....over and over, people talked about the lack of public appeal or charm.  It's what lost Iowa, and eventually got President Obama his nomination.

The odds of Trump getting less votes than Romney?  I just can't see this happening.  The question will....can Hillary pull a Obama-2012 election and get 59-plus million votes?  Does she have more charm and charisma than Obama in 2012?