Wednesday, 26 October 2016

If Hillary Loses

While for several months, the news media have people to various polls and claims that it'll be a five to ten-point win for Hillary....some polls project a different story.

It is obvious now that more than ten-percent of blacks will vote for Trump.  Some polls suggest an all-time record of blacks voting for a Republican.  Some polls show middle-class Latinos might vote for Trump as well.

So the question here ought to be.....if it does did Hillary lose?

1.  Lack of charisma.  This was a major problem in the 2008 Presidential campaign, and noted by dozens of journalists.  As early as the Iowa Caucus in 2008....this was already being discussed.

2.  Wife of Bill.  The chief resume problem in 2008 was that Hillary didn't have anything beyond the Senate seat to show experience (3 draft laws written by her and passed into law, over a 8-year period).  A weak period as Secretary of State?  Ask Democrats what they remember of the four years and most just cite speeches.

3.  The email server was a brilliant idea.  But then it became obvious that she never handed all these emails over as law requires.  It just opened up a massive problem....never to be explained.

4.  Health issues.  Every single appearance in 2016 became an event where people speculated about her health.  The connection to Parkinsons was a daily thing.

5.  Bill.  Bill and his affairs are a problem which you can't explain away.

6.  The news media.  As much as they tried to help the end, they destroyed their credibility.

7.  The FBI and the Attorney General.  By avoiding any investigation or charges....they helped to lift her to epic proportions.  But that also made the 'fall' a greater deal because of their misbehavior.  No one trusts them anymore.

8. The Clinton Foundation.  Roughly 6-percent of their money goes to actual charity operations.  I read that last week.  The rest goes toward employees and operating costs.  It's just not a charitable operation.

9.  Services owed to foreign donors.  The more you look at what people paid and what they got in leaves a bad smell.

10.  A weakened DNC.  If you look across at national candidates.....who should have been preparing and moving ahead in the 2012 to 2016 one did much of anything.  It's like they were told that Hillary was it, and don't bother wasting time.  Bernie didn't get the message, and Bernie ran like a mad-man.