Thursday, 27 October 2016

Should the Campaign Season Be Shorter?

There's lots of things that I would like to change or of them is to make the whole election year period shorter.

Basically, if you haven't noticed.....somewhere about eighteen months out from election day.....things start to heat and political dimwits spend money.

So my suggestion.

1.  Both parties stage a weekend conference with everyone desiring to run for President, and give them 30 minutes to give a speech over that weekend.  Stage this the week after Thanksgiving.....eleven months prior to the election.

2.  Start the primary season in April of the next year.  Assign five states the first week of April to wrap up their primary.

3.  Assign twenty states the first week of May, and the remaining states the final week of May. Three total periods of chance.

4.  Both parties must wrap up their convention by mid-July to mid-August, and shut down Congress from mid-August on.....sending the fools home.

The way it's built leads to massive financial requirements and part of the total game is to find people to fund your gimmick.  A smart guy with no rich donors, won't make it's built today.  We need to find smarter and more competent people for the job.