Saturday, 29 October 2016

Votes Matter in Presidential Elections

Just the numbers to think about over the past thirty years:

President Obama in 2012 won with: 66-million votes.

Senator Obama in 2008 won with: 69.5-million votes.

President Bush in 2004 won with: 62-million votes.

Governor Bush in 2004 won with: 50.5-million votes.

President Clinton in 1996 won with: 47.4-million votes.

Governor Clinton in 1992 won with: 44.9-million votes.

VP Bush in 1988 won with: 48.8-million votes.

President Reagan in 1984 won with: 54.5-million votes.

Governor Reagan in 1980 won with: 43.9-million votes.

Governor Carter in 1976 won with: 40.8-million votes.

President Nixon in 1972 won with: 47-million votes.

Former VP Nixon won in 1968 with 31.7-million votes (George Wallace, curiously in this election took 9.9-million votes.

President Johnson won in 1964 with 41.1-million votes.

Senator Kennedy won in 1960 with 34-million votes.

In this election.....whoever takes 65-million-plus votes....likely wins the race.  A blowout suggestion?  If anyone were to top 70-million, it would be an historical event.

What This New FBI Investigation on Hillary is About?

If you connect all the leads to this.  When the NY City cops used a search warrant on Anthony Weiner for hot-chat with teen girls.....they served the search and seize paperwork on ALL computers and laptops in his apartment, to include his wife (Huma) and her assets.  Huma is the personal assistant to Hillary.

For weeks and weeks, the city cops have had time to analyze the data, the emails, and study everything....going beyond just the hot-chat accusation.

While the FBI has a sweet-heart deal with Huma over the past X, Y and Z allegations and she can't be dragged into federal court.....well, the city cops have lots of fresh and new information and can probably start talking about other issues.

The FBI and Loretta Lynch?  Up until yesterday, it wasn't their case.  Now they realize the implications.  They need to know what the NY City cops know.

Can the city cops and prosecutor drag Huma in on charges?  Yes, they could but no one has suggested that yet.  Could they drag Hillary in?  Yes. This would mean that NY state law has been violated.  The insider process?  I would guess either financial crimes, tax avoidance crimes, or promises or favors related to NY state.

If Huma has a secret bank account in Switzerland or some other country.....where did the money come from?  If the money was via Hillary or the Clinton Foundation.....what was the promise?

At this point, Comey from the FBI can only seek to know what the New York City cops know.  It's not a federal case.....if you were not grasping that by now.  It's a state or local case.  So, there is no DC hand to keep things under control.

All of this.....because of hot-chat with Weiner and some teen gals?  Yeah....that's the funny thing about this whole last-minute episode.  The FBI is screwed because they can't control this or predict the outcome in NY City.  Hillary has to be sitting there in a daze....all of this because of emails.  If she'd never had the stupid server in the closet, none of this would have ever occurred.  All she had to do was run a legit Secretary of State job for four years.....shake some hands.....and be happy with a marginal Clinton Foundation pot of money.