Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Queen and the Heartland

Andy Borowitz wrote a humor piece for the New Yorker magazine.....centered on this fantasy story that Queen Elizabeth stood up yesterday and made a speech offering America a third option between Hillary or Trump.....that they could vote to just return to the "empire" and let her govern the nation instead (well....her, possibly her son, and that William kid grandson).

It was a humor piece, and designed to suggest that Brexit is opening up various doors, and that maybe returning to the empire would solve this whole thing.

I sat and read the piece about three times.  To be honest, by the third reading, I came to think less of this in a humor way and more so in a serious way.....that returning to the empire might not be such a crazy or unwise idea.

So, you start with the end of Washington D.C.  You wouldn't need the House or Senate......we'd fire all of the fake pretenders and then have seats in Parliament or the House of Lords.  There might be five or six Senators given some Lord-status but the rest would just go back home and sell cars or fraudulent real estate.  There might be 50 House members to survive and end on the benches of Parliament.

Second, all these stupid House or Senate members appearing on TV constantly?  That would end rather quickly.

Third, all the fake news and agendas via CNN, NBC, Fox News, CBS, PBS, and ABC?  They'd all shut down their Washington offices, and settle down to a London routine.

Fourth, PBs would finally end.   They'd rebrand themselves into the BBC, and Americans would get used to TV taxes.

Fifth, to be honest, this Queen-thing would catch on rather quickly and I think what we'd want is for the Queen to do a fifty-state drive-through.....stopping off in various states to sip some of our fine beers, ales, whiskeys, and tasting our fine chicken or steaks.  She could make the trip in a RV or just drive in a Ford F-150 pick-up.

Sixth, with Brexit in place....we'd sign up a trade-agreement, and get friendly with our Brit associates.  Maybe after a while, we'd also get friendly with Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Here's the thing.....after two-hundred years, we an admit that for a long while....the 'experiment' worked and we were doing OK.  Over the past forty years.....because of lobbyists, manipulation, fake politics, the fraudulent news media, and wannabe's screwed-up.  Rather than just keeping hiring new fake Presidents every four to eight years.....why just hire professional royals to run things and hand out medals or awards to the public?

The odd thing?  If you explained all of this to the general public.....I think over 60-percent of the American public would vote for this change.