Monday, 31 October 2016

CNN, Burnt Bridges, and Scorched Earth

I sat the last hour and watched twelve minutes of CNN.  It's hard these days to watch the news organization.  Their "lost" prospective leaves them wandering a topic with no real logic or thought-process.

They desperately wanted you to know that Comey of the FBI had done a serious 'wrong' and it was a terrible, terrible, terrible thing.

The simplicity of Comey's position?

Some NY City cops had done the search warrant and found on Anthony Weiner's laptop/computer.....a lot of stuff.  The search was in effect on 22 September 2016.  I would imagine that the review of the hard-drive took basically a week, and then they came to this PST-file that held roughly 600,000 emails.

At some point around early October...the NY City cops let the FBI know the extent of this.

What could the FBI do?  (hint to CNN, think about this, if you were the chief of the FBI).

The lawyers of the FBI likely all spoke and said you couldn't do anything.  The FBI guys in New York City?  They probably hinted that the New York City cops would eventually leak this information to the newspapers.  At had had two weeks to act.

The idea that the FBI refused to investigate this?  You can spend roughly five minutes analyzing this and it can only destroy the reputation of the FBI.  The vast membership of the organization would sit there in disbelief.

So the boss made his only decision.  To act in the way that CNN suggests?  They would have destroyed their organization.....much like they'd acted in the past six destroy CNN.

It's hard to say how CNN survives after the election results occur next week.  Between scorched earth and burnt bridges.....they've done enough to ensure viewers don't return.

As for Weiner?  I think he deserves Time's Man of the Year.....he personally ensured the Hillary campaign would lose.