Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The WaPo Story

The Washington Post (WaPo) is going today (Wed) with a story that members of the NSA and FBI have helped to send files to WikiLeaks.  Evidence?  So far, from what I've's weak and marginal but worth reading into.

The reason why they did this?  WaPo leaves most of that to some slant handed to them by the Hillary campaign.

My guess.....if proven that both found literally thousands of connections to illegal behavior by Secretary of State Clinton, the Justice Department, and the leadership of the CIA.  Eventually, each group on it's own found some character....probably a retired member in their community, and had them contact WikiLeaks (my best guess).  Eventually all of these emails and digital folders were transferred over.

If WaPo is correct?  The worrying part of this story is that it doesn't really end with Hillary Clinton and that all of this massive pile of information could include info on the inside connections of the White House currently (the Obama Administration).  WikiLeaks has been careful not to dump on the President.

So the Russians weren't at the front door and part of this whole story?  Hard to say.

Right now, there is more than enough info to prosecute various controlling figures of the Clinton Foundation.....but oddly no Senators (even GOP type) really care to do that.  Might they (the Senators) be next on the list?  My gut feeling is that WikiLeaks will move on after November, and aim at someone else....maybe the journalists....maybe the Senators.