Thursday, 3 November 2016

The Voting Story

I read this story originally out of the Washington Times.  So, it's true but you have to ask more questions.

There's this group....the American Civil Rights Union, which did research on people currently listed on voting registration lists across the US.

They came to this guy....they won't give his name....maybe because there is more work going on about this guy.

He's listed as a registered voter for Montgomery County, Maryland, and having a birthdate of 7 August 1853.

You can do the math.....but he's over 150 years old.  In fact, the curious thing is that they found that he voted in both 2008 and 2012.

The odds of him still being alive?  About a 100-percent chance that he's dead, and probably a 99-percent chance that he's been dead since the 1940s.  How he kept voting?  Unknown, and I think the cops are spending a lot of time trying to figure out how this continued.  The sad thing is that we might even prove that the guy died in WW I, in France.

No one from Montgomery County ever clearing his name?  Ever?  No.

Year after year, keeping him on the list?  Yeah.

So, let's say that people get angry enough to force Congress to fix this.  You do this by dumping all voting rolls and restarting from a fresh point.  You make a free national ID a requirement.  And then you have duplicate names routed to state investigators with a $20,000 fine attached to each duplicate vote you attempt.

What happens then in the next election?  Assuming the 2012 election voting numbers of many will fall off the list?  My humble guess is that 20-million names will disappear.  That in itself would be a shock to the DC establishment, journalists, and intellectuals. It would bring up some shame to admit to the free world that we had faked that many people in our democracy.