Saturday, 5 November 2016

My Alabama Prediction

I try not to get heavily involved in Bama politics.....but there is this wild scenario that I see unfolding.

A lot of Bama folks are aware of the impeachment deal going on with Governor "Lust-in-my-heart" Bentley.  This week, the folks running this put a suspension on some light-weight reason not to rush this.


I think several things will unfold.

Senator Sessons will be offered some type of position with the Trump administration, and I think he will resign by January.  Bentley.....if still in the governor's chair.....will appoint the replacement.  You need Bentley accomplish this.

But I also think that Senator Shelby....82 years old and likely to be re-elected next week.....will hand in his resignation by March of next year, and Bentley.....if he is still not impeached by then.....will appoint himself or a favorite the seat.  If he appoints himself....the impeachment ends.

Crappy politics?  Yeah.  For Bama, we've seen just everything over the past two decades.

Stopping this?  Virtually no way.

Maybe I'm wrong, but the suggestion to slow down on the impeachment business ought to make people ask questions.