Thursday, 10 November 2016

California as a Nation?

So sometime on Wednesday....the trending topic of California exiting the union occurred.  Some folks are hyped up big-time as being negative on Trump.  A couple thousand folks jumped onto this wagon and it'll likely be discussed for weeks.....maybe even months.  Some idiot might even be able to get it on the ballot for 2018.

The problem I see is that it'll go to being some independent country.  Right off the need a currency.  Do they have anything to really achieve a reliable currency?

Debt?  If you look at various county-level and city-level debt's probably the most debt-burdened state of the fifty.  That's problem number one.  Banks won't be interested in covering trillions more in debt to help them achieve this status.

Then you have the problem of pensions.  Between the cops, fire department personnel, and city workers....the state has a tremendous problem.  Most countries don't start out with massive pension shortfalls like California would.

Roads and bridges? That's another issue.  Just one single earthquake would bankrupt the country.

While you might have sixty-percent of the state who favors such an idea....the other forty-percent (I think) would be terribly aggravated by this and seek to leave the new country quickly.  Companies might see this as a burden unless you offered very clear tax structure (something they'd frown upon and double-down on company profits for taxes).

I humbly believe that in less than a decade....they'd be broke and in bad shape...desiring to return to the US, and the 49 states would say 'no thanks'.  So then California would offer itself to Mexico, and they'd be taken back to the Mexico empire.