Sunday, 13 November 2016

Kids, Kid-Adults, and Trump

Yesterday, I read some short piece on Yahoo News entitled: "The Trump Effect: Psychologists warn that children are watching".

Basically, the story goes that kids are watching all these adults in some freakish behavior change, and getting the idea that either Adolph Hitler has arrived, or that Satan has stepped out of Hell.  Some psychologists are suggesting that maybe some visits to a mental health clinic might be necessary....well....if the kid really gets feared-up a bit.

Through Thursday and Friday, I sat and observed various behavior issues by teens...some in high schools who simply walked out of school to show some kind of anger or frustration.  Or in the college-scene....some rioting in the streets.

In my home state of Alabama.....we didn't exactly have any kids exiting schools, or students in Auburn or Troy, or Jacksonville State lighting up fires and conducting demonstrations.  In fact, most kids just kinda....went to school.

I looked around for other 'normal' Iowa or Idaho.  They didn't have any riots either.

Most of what you see boils down to west coast action.....some folks in NY City....and maybe a dozen-odd university areas.

The problem I see is that once you cross a line and start to really hype up people to conduct violence around a university, and you whoop up on "Junior" or "Wanda".....a student there who might have some Trump-enthusiasm.....they have a father.  And once some police report gets filed....'Dad' is going to confront the university about why they didn't protect Junior or Wanda, and they will want to be paid off.  We aren't talking about $500, or $50,000.  This is where Dad takes a university into a court and asks for $2 million for failing to protect their son or daughter.

The university?  They wake up from this weird dream that has lasted for a decade, and realize that they've got a bunch of uncontrollable or ill-behaved punks.  If these punks hurt five or six some stupid act of violence?  Well....on campus, that could result in 20-million dollars being shuffled out to pay off five fathers.

It'll take exactly a week for the campus board to meet and discuss actions.....then bring in the problem kids and dismiss them, period.  They might even decide to go after the aggravation thugs and launch a lawsuit for $20 million in pain and suffering for themselves.

Suddenly LeRon and Marty....guys who were led by Professor Jose or some weird Hillary-won team out of NY City....are standing there with three years invested in such-and-such university, and no way to complete the degree.  Moving to another college?  Maybe.  But they might ask how you got expelled and decide that you aren't the kind of kid they want either.  So three years wasted.....on a degree which can't be wrapped up unless you get some Montana university to accept you.  Yeah, it might actually go to such a weird deal like that.

At this point, I'm of the mind that we've got two or three million punks in America (mostly outside of the south) who can't think on their own, can't control their emotions, are attached to some fantasy world, and are thug-like in terms of behavior.  I'd like to tell them to get a life, but how and where?  Frankly, they aren't even capable of making it through the fifth day of Marine boot-camp.

The news media?  By covering these punks and putting their sorry behavior on TV.....they aren't helping.  Most people look at 19-year old dimwit females making some marginally intelligent argument for the sake of Hillary's loss and wonder how she got through two years of college so far.  This kid's future?  What HR guy would want to hire punks like this?

There's something wrong here, but I just don't see it getting fixed.