Friday, 18 November 2016

My Suggestion For the News Media

After viewing the disconnect over the past year of the American news media.....both print and television....I have eight suggestions:

1.  Some folks need to take a month off and just go off to Alaska, Ireland, or some Pacific just rethink their whole view of the world.  Toss in some minimum some Mark Twain books....smoke some weed....and toss back five or six cocktails a day.

2.  For the New York Times reporters...I would suggest that they all get a car and spend a hundred days crossing America.  They need to visit some barber-shops, some deli shops, and see a few baseball games with retired guys.  They need to figure out the difference between factual stories and cleverly-written non-news stories.

3.  For the folks on the might want to reestablish who your viewing audience is, and why they exist in the way that they do.

4.  If you are in the 4th year of a university program in might want to ask yourself about the future of journalism.

5.  For all journalists.....define slanted news.  Nothing fancy.....just eight lines of a plain definition.

6.  For all journalists....what is your plan B if your network or newspaper slows on viewers/readers?  Would you have to flip burgers for a while in a bad market period for journalists?  Could you change over and become a forest ranger or hotel clerk?

7.  If you start up this fake topic of fake news....where exactly does it go?  How fake is CNN?  How fake is the Washington Post?  How fake is Drudge?  You might find that just about everyone in the news media today....even the somewhat fake.  What does that say?

8.  Finally, are people laughing at what you produce?  If they are....why?