Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Topics For Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving approaching.....I will offer some helpful advice on a delicate subject.  This year, like most previous years....some folks will be visiting relatives who got a bit consumed by politics, and were all pro-Hillary (maximum-turbo).  If she'd won, of course, they would have gone and made this topic number one and done everything possible to antagonize you.  It might be nice if you just avoided politics in general, so here are 25 possible conversation topics:

1.  NCAA football (unless they are Auburn fans).
2. Johnny Cash tunes
3. Warts
4. Wrestling of today versus 30 years ago
5. Best episode of Southpark
6. Knee issues
7. Best Dallas Cowboy quarterback ever
8. News over the Ford Bronco coming back in 2020
9. Best bait for catfish fishing
10. Discussions over best Star Wars movie
11. Conversation over high school gals who you wished you'd dated
12. Worst hotel you ever stayed in
13. Best car wax
14. If you could be any Marvel or DC character....which?
15. What you like most about county fairs?
16. Amish jokes
17. Your impression of OJ and if he was really innocent
18. Bad sermons from your church
19. How football lost viewers
20. Best time to replace a septic tank
21. Best part of Canada to move to (just not saying you would threaten such a move)
22. Dog names
23. Alien visitations (referring to space aliens)
24. Captain Kirk versus Seven of Nine....who'd you want in a true emergency?
25. Your technique on bowling

I's hard to avoid discussing Trump.  But do you really want people crying there in the living room, and you have to break out your best Scotch and Rum to get them drunk and through this terrible moment of their life.