Monday, 28 November 2016

An Unbroken System Works as Advertised

The recount thing?

This is the simple side of this story.  If you can force three close Trump states (Penn, Minnesota and Michigan) and they can't wrap this up by the deadline of 19 December.....then it would be 47 states and Trump would miss the 270 number required to win.  The odds of all three states failing to meet the 19 December deadline?  It would be utterly remarkable at this point, but there are goofballs who are capable of allowing this to happen.

What happens then?

The Electoral College meets....does their vote, and wraps up the event.  No winner.

The election is then turned over to the House and Senate.

For the Senate, the top three VP candidates come up.  The Republicans own the process and will quickly pick Mike Pence.  I doubt if this takes more than an hour, unless everyone and their brother wants to make a speech over this whole episode.

For the House, they get the two TWO Presidential candidates.  Each state gets one single vote.  The Representatives of that state meet and talk it over....then vote as one single unit.  For some Democrats, it might be the only time in their lives that they actually meet Republicans from their own state.

There aren't any rules about who is in each charge of each state's voting procedure, so you might have a group huddle up in some corner (three guys) and just spend ten minutes talking about this.

The state breakout?  There are three states with even numbers of Republicans and they won't count for nothing.   Maybe some Republican will walk over to the side and vote for Hillary.  But the odds are.....three states won't vote.

So for Trump, there are 32 states with a margin for the Republicans.....thirty-two votes.  You need on twenty-six to win.

Hillary?  She has only 15 states in her column, with no possibility of getting to 26 states.

That ends that.


All of this is being done to show how broke the Electoral College seems to be.  Yet, in some ways, it proves how well the rules work.

By playing this card....what do you think happens in 2020, 2024, 2028, and 2032? Yeah, the Republicans will realize the game, and play it the same way.

For the general public, it's crap.  Why bother voting?  Some idiot will move in such a way to discount the votes of your state.  All that money, time and effort, and your vote didn't count?  A lot of people in Michigan, Penn and Wisconsin ought to hire lawyers and sue the heck out of the recount dimwits and their state....maybe to the tune of $2,000 per vote.

This might also force everyone to get hyper about dead people voting, illegal votes, and double votes.
Frustration over this gimmick?  Oh, I think it just went up a big notch.  If I were Trump....once elected, I'd turn a special prosecutor over to look at influence from lobby groups on elections, and the legal means of checking everyone who is registered.

But in the end.....remember, the rules worked as advertised.  Imagine though if 15 additional states had enough Democrats in the House to get Hillary the election.....even if the Electoral College went the other way.