Tuesday, 29 November 2016

This Alternate Universe Thing

I will occasionally bump into science stories that will make me sit and ponder.  Today, was such a day.  The story?  Some scientists have wrapped up a project and issued their conclusion....they are fairly confident that time travel is now possible.

Their conclusion is that there are parallel universes (probably billions upon billions) and they are layered in some fashion.  Accessing them?  They kinda got to the end of their discussion in public and just left it there.  You have to wonder....were they a bit crazed or have they wandered into something that worries them a bit.

So you ponder over this.  In some alternate universe....the Romans never downsized, and eventually conquered not just all of Europe and the Middle East, but even Asia.

In another universe, Hitler got shot in WW I, and never came back to Munich.....so the Nazis never became a power-house like they were.

In another universe, the Yankees never traded for Babe Ruth, and he spent a decade with the Red Sox as a pitcher.

In another universe, Columbus and his entire crew were lost in a massive storm....never returning and delaying the discovery of the Americas by 60 years.

In another universe, Indians wiped out the Plymouth Rock colonists.

In another universe, the Anacosta Riots of DC in 1932 never occurred, and the bonus money for the WW I vets was paid out.  Hoover won the 1932 re-election and FDR went back to NY City as a graceful loser.

In another universe, the US never extended past the Mississippi River, and Mexico ended up controlling everything on the US west coast, and France controlled most of the center portion.

In another universe, Hillary Clinton was matched up with Jeb Bush, and easily won the election.

All of this discussion has to worry some people because someone might accidentally figure out the pathways to these alternate universes, and how to travel to them.  

You can imagine some crew getting on some platform, and Professor Walt spins the dial and just guesses that here is an alternate universe and just sends them off.....only to discover hours later on attempting to bring them back that this was a dinosaur-friendly universe, where humans never survived, and most of the crew are wiped out.

The other issue here....what we arrived at some Nazi-controlled universe and let the cat out of the bag that Hitler died in 1945 and in our universe.....the Nazis lost.

Or could it be that someone else from another universe has already come to arrive and set things right in our universe.....by helping Trump win over Hillary?

Yeah, that would be a shocker.