Saturday, 3 December 2016

Fake News: CNN

At some point this past week, CNN did up a story on the new incoming chief prosecutor of the US.....Jeff Sessions.  He's an Alabama senator (if you didn't know).

So, they laid out the basic summary....and led with the fact that Sessions is from Heflin, Alabama.

To be honest, he was not born in Heflin.....nor has he ever lived in Heflin.  It's a town of 3,480 folks, and they don't know any Jeff Sessions having come from their town.

Jeff?  He grow up in the Selma region....roughly 140 miles away.  For a number of years as a kid, he lived in Hybart (just south of Selma), which is 190 miles away from Heflin.  And today....he resides mostly in Mobile when he is in the state.....279 miles away from Heflin.

CNN?  Based on folks talking this up....they've said nothing.  Did they even research the guy?  I doubt it.  Some kid probably pulled up Wiki and then asked some other journalists, then they whipped up this piece on Jeff Sessions.

Part of the problem these days with the news media is that you have people who do a half-ass job.  Twenty years ago....they wouldn't have been caught or noticed.  Today?  Folks look at a story and ask questions.

As for Jeff?  I'm guessing he is amused by this Heflin connection, and is waiting for some CNN interview to occur, and he'll have some enriching comment to make about Heflin but admit he's never been there.