Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Recounts of Little Value

I sat this morning reading over all this recount news.  When this first got brought up as an idea....to force three states to do a recount....I had this thought of a Pandora's Box, and how it was probably something you really didn't want to occur.

So this morning....out of the Detroit Free Press....they noted this new problem. In the Rochester Hills area (Prec 11)....they can't do the recount.

Reason?  Well....the poll book says that 848 voters did vote in the precinct.  No one argues about that part of the facts.  But when they opened up the ballot box....there's only 847 ballots there.  It's missing one.

State law has a funny notation on recounts in a precinct where the poll book and ballot box doesn't equal.  You can't count the votes. Whatever was listed on the day after the election is the end of the discussion.  A recount is not possible.

This precinct?  It'd typically vote more Democrat than Republican.  Some say....a lot more.

Because of the way that recounts have to work.....they are now removing the 848 votes from the precinct.  They won't be a part of this forced recount.  So if there were 548 votes for Hillary and 300 votes for Trump.....well....they don't exist now.

Here's the thing....which the Detroit Free Press points out.....roughly one-third of the precincts in the Detroit region (392) report this number discrepancy.  Total number of votes in this 'free-fall'?  740,000 people voted in the Detroit area....almost two to one on votes for Hillary versus Trump.  Yet because of the recount.....if they decide to honor the recount numbers and the law.....instead of 517,000 votes for Hillary....this could go way down to like 150,000.....with Trump's 228,000 likely shrinking to 75,000.

Instead of helping the Hillary campaign, it simply lessens the numbers or votes.

Why this screw-up with the names on the polling sheets and the discrepancy of ballots?  No one seems to be able to explain this.  If this were just five or six precincts.....it might be easily explained.  Some folks are suggesting 300-plus precincts with issues.  Mass incompetence?  Or just some silly game being played out by party over another?  You just don't know.

So, when they come and lessen the vote because of the recount.....you might anticipate news journalists finally asking stupid questions....like how 300-plus precincts could screw up like this.