Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Uninformed - Misinformed Statement

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you do read it, you’re misinformed."

--  Denzel Washington

It was a blunt simple statement by Denzel Washington which I came to appreciate in some ways.  He is correct.  You could just avoid newspapers, and be blind or in the dark about the world.  Or you could read the newspapers, and eventually realize that you were strung along or dragged through this big half-true-half-false epic story.

It's reality in 2016.  You can't be sure about much, and lots of people want to assure you that they know the whole story.....when they only know about half of it.  Yet, you can't be sure.

I used to like Paul Harvey News and Commentary.  Somewhere around 1978, I started to listen to it daily.  By the late 1980s....I came to realize that some of Paul's good intentions and story-telling....did lack some complete story.  It was rare.....but it was something that you just came to realize that even he couldn't be a hundred-percent right.

The Washington Post "Woe" Moment

It was one of those stories that I should have skipped.

The Washington Post ran this piece that one of it's readers sent in.  It was more or less.....a confession.

This gal....divorced....had this crazy idea for part of the summer, and into the fall....of getting back into dating.  She has two kids, and a dog.

For weeks, she talked about this and she was almost (by the way she wrote the piece) at this great moment in her life....resuming a relationship.

Well....then a few weeks ago....Trump won the election.  Yeah, a shocker.

In her mind is a question mark.  Things aren't certain. With a question can't be why date?

In her piece, this moment in history was written and it was supposed to be a woman President.  Naturally, she didn't note her political affiliation, but I kinda guess that it had to be a Democratic woman President, and not a Republican woman President.

The thing about this personal piece written and taking up space in the's fairly weak and marginal stuff.  No news value.....just human interest.  Some woman.....on a downward spiral....won't be dating as long as Trump is President.  End of the story.

Probably 500,000 people will read the piece.  Half of them will go and talk with others.....telling how they feel the same way, or that their life is in limbo now.  The other half will ask if these people maybe need some rehab or month-long trip to Idaho to clear their thoughts.  Some people will suggest going out and hauling three-hundred bales of hay on a hot July afternoon, or filling sandbags by some flood-prone river.

I sat for a while and pondered over this WaPo public interest story.  To be honest, everyone should go and confess something like this and send it into Wapo.

My confession?

In 1993, Crystal Pepsi ended.  I admit....this was a fairly decent soda.  Over the brief year that they produced kinda replaced my regular Pepsi and Mountain Dew.  Then, a year passed, and it was gone.  Pepsi decided it couldn't break out or become a winner.

Me?  I lost my drive to excel, and my dreams of becoming a Yankee Third Baseman went away as well.  I was disenchanted....disheartened....thrown ten different ways to Hades....crushing me badly, and so it goes.  It just never was the same after that.

Well....that's what I say.  I do admit....I drifted back to Mountain Dew and regular Pepsi (at least to 2010).

We all ought to settle back and go to WaPo and make some confessions.  The day that Gore lost still bothers some folks.  The day that Gunsmoke ended bothers others.  The day that Larry Bird retired from basketball bothers others.  The day that the TV series Lost ended with such a lousy one-star script affects some people.  The day that Elvis died is a conflicting moment for some folks.  Even the day that that the Japanese hit Pearl Harbor brings tears to some folks.

So if you need to get this out....just send the twenty-line piece to WaPo and let them know of your feelings.  Maybe....eventually....they can hustle up two or three pages a day with people telling their story of woe or such.