Saturday, 10 December 2016

The Tweet Story

At some point about a month ago....I sat and watched some forum about a day after the election, and this odd thing got brought up on Hillary Clinton and the use of the social media devices.  It's been on my mind for the past month.

For a comment to appear on Hillary's Tweet was brought up that it was a committee of fifteen individuals within the campaign who would sit.....analyze the suggested Tweet....and vote on whether the Tweet would be allowed.   At some point, about two minutes later in the conversation, they then shifted to Trump.  A Tweet by Trump required basically Trump and Bannon to agree on it.  That's it.  They didn't say how long this discussion would be.....but I'm guessing less than two minutes.

You can imagine the Hillary meeting....occurring once a day when all fifteen people can be in a room and they discuss the 140-character length of the comment that Hillary's handlers want to say.  There might be six different variations put up on this one topic.  So these guys would sit there and discuss option one, option two, option three, etc.  You could waste an entire hour on just two simple Tweets.

Trump?  He probably had two variations of the Tweet suggested by his PR guys, and he had his favorite in his mind.  Bannon might say or suggest something, and that would lead to the conclusion.

The thing about this.....the more people you involve in a process....the more angles that develop and the more divisions that start to exist.  You simply are begging for a team that is arguing more than uniting.

The "Safe" Empire

This week, it kinda came out that some University of Michigan students are requesting a "safe-space".

I've kinda got used to the term but I will admit....I think it's awful foolish and just a hint of some kid who wasn't ready to leave home.

The odd part to this story?  Well....they want this "safe-space" at the University of Michigan because they voted for Trump.  You see....there are some other students on campus who voted for Clinton, and they've said some very hurtful comments (or so various pieces from the campus suggest).

After you've sat there for a while and reviewed come to one conclusion.  There's probably already a "safe-space" created on the campus of the University of Michigan, but you can't send this group into that particular "safe-space".  You would have to create another "safe-space".

All of this, if you follow the trend....means that within a decade....the campus at the Univsersity of Michigan....loaded with 43,000 students (part-time and full-time)....would have to have at least three hundred "safe-spaces".

There would be "safe-spaces" for jazz freaks, far-leftists, Communists, pro-Trump folks, Bible-carriers, Catholics, pro-Hitler, anti-Hitler, and gays.

It would create a massive business-like structure where hundreds of support personnel would be hired to help run each "safe-space" and provide comfort to the poor kid.....who really ought to be back home in Soos Junction, Cooks, or Reed City.

Eventually, I think even members of the football team....would be asking for some "safe-space" to handle their stress and panic attacks.  Even professors might reach a point of asking for a "safe-space" for them....perhaps one that would allow an occasional joint, stein of beer, or brief moment with a couple of sips of Jacky D's.

Then as these people go off into the world....they will go to the boss or CEO, and ask for "safe-space" at the company.  This might be the moment of reality.....where the boss says you might want to look for such a place....elsewhere.

Then you might need some rehab at a "safe-space"-anonymous facility.  Four weeks of rehab....some confrontations....a flask of whiskey on occasion....a fist-fight....some reality put back into your life, and then some recovery phase.