Monday, 12 December 2016

Our Addiction to Fakes

About five years into my Air Force career, I came to realize that the yearly evaluation was mostly just a piece of fake accomplishments tied satisfy some Air Force regulation that you had to show something on paper.

Over the next five years....I came to note about one or two fake things ever month.  I didn't let it bother me, but I'd sit there in amazement.

By age forty, I'd come across some fake moment every single day....sometimes it'd be in the national news....sometimes it'd be some episode on base.....sometimes it'd be some guy I worked with who woke up and grasped he was in some fake relationship.

Today?  I'll sit and read through forty different news sites per day and spot all kinds of fake stuff reported.

CNN does fake news.

NPR does fake news.

The Washington Post and NY Times do fake news.

Fake stuff gets reported in Germany, France and Italy on a hour by hour basis.

In some ways, I think society has adapted itself....via the internet, and it's part of our way of life.  You can't survive without this fake element.  You need fake survive.