Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Saddam: Empty Suit?

The NY Post had an interesting story this week.....new book coming out by a former CIA guy.....basically says Saddam Hussein had no idea about what was going on.

Yep....basically a George Bush-like character.

Saddam has been dead for ten years now.  I know....it doesn't seem like it's been that long.

This was the guy who spent a number of hours with Saddam and in the end....after a lengthy discussion, the CIA is convinced that Saddam was just another guy who seemed to fit into the role of a national leader but was more or less a empty-suit.

I often refer to this term "empty-suit" as a guy who has virtually no real skills and seems to just be lucky to make one or two good judgement calls to get himself into a great position, and then reverts back to marginal decisions for the rest of his life.

So you have to wonder....did the CIA guy tell the CIA this?  My guess is that he wrote literally dozens of reports to outline what he gained from Saddam, and the CIA sat there in shock because nothing that they'd reported in public agreed with this interview situation. So, they just kept their mouth shut.

In a world of 1,000 big-wig guys who seem to run all the various mechanisms.....how many are empty-suits?  A hundred?  Five-hundred?  You really don't know.

Out of 100 senators....could forty of them be empty-suits with no idea of what's going on?

Out of 40-odd big-name journalists for CNN, Time, the NY Times, WaPo.....could half of them be empty suits?

Out of 300-odd generals employed by the US goverment....could half of them be empty suits?

So, an empty-suit guy ordered the invasion of Kuwait....tripped up on US relations....ended up with two major wars with the US? Yeah.  Just something to sit and think about.