Saturday, 24 December 2016


This week....a story came out to talk about "Trumpocalypse".

This is a made-up word about a public fear of the great unknown....that maybe civilization is going to come to an when Clinton left office and Bush arrived.  Well....sort of like that but maybe much worse.

The talk here is that when “Trumpocalypse”'s going to be a time of chaos.  So liberals in this state of mind....are apparently now stockpiling food, and emergency supplies.  The suggestion is that they are even buying guns.

Really?  My guess is that a few dozen liberal guys who really far out on their politics and lives.....might have gone to the extreme.....but the other 98-percent of Democrats are planning summer vacations.....talking over a new car.....and trying hard to get Junior enthusiastic about attending state college instead of running off to join the Navy.

The problem I see is that you might have two or three thousand crazy liberal guys who run off to Idaho, Montana or search of some rural area where they can survive when Trumpocalypse does occur.

I can imagine my brother standing there at the Feed and Grain store...when some new guy is wanting to chat about local conditions and asking for advice.  My brother, naturally friendly, would kindly ask where abouts the new guy came from, and feel a bit shocked that the guy was some urbanized individual who'd given up city living because of a fear of the impending Trumpocalypse.

My brother, naturally curious, would ask what the heck Trumpocalypse was about....thinking it was some winter storm activity or new gang from El Salvador.  About two minutes into the Trumpocalypse, my brother would simply nod, and look to see if he conclude his business quickly and get the heck out of the store.

Moments later, the wife of the liberal guy would come up....she's asking all kinds of questions and wanting to seek advice as well.  My brother, with good intentions, would assure them that the local area was safe, and a few things.

He might mention the issue with ticks, maybe suggest the best time to plant corn, spend a minute on snakes, perhaps bring up bar-b-q techniques, and then slightly suggest that this irrational fear of might be making them into Republicans.

The pair of liberals would gaze at if he'd done something remarkable in his suggestion.

All of this survival stuff....the worries about the future....the move to a rural area.....all of this would be some trend toward becoming a Republican.

The liberal pair would shift around and look at each other.  They'd sold their house....cashed in their stock....and convinced themselves of this great and urgent thing that had to be accomplished.  And now?  They might be Republicans?  Then my brother would point around the Feed and Grain store, and just hint in a low voice....everyone there is probably a Republican.  Then he'd hint that they all felt that Trumpocalypse occurred twenty years ago, and they were all in the right place, at the right time, for what's going to happen now.

Then he'd smile and walk out.

Maybe it's just a fake story.  Maybe it's a hundred-odd idiots.  But you just sense that some folks aren't living in reality.