Sunday, 25 December 2016

The 28

I noticed this in the news this morning.....the Canadians are reporting that since the election, they've had twenty-eight Americans who've applied for asylum into Canada because of Trump.

Somewhere in the words, came the real shocker....none of the 28 were from Hollywood.  Yeah, that's a real shocker.

The curious part of this story is that the Canadians wanted to share that of the 170-odd people from the US who applied in 2015.....NONE of them had yet to have a successful claim on asylum. Reason?  Unknown.

My humble guess is that when paperwork showed....the Canadians put some guys onto each one, and came to various conclusions (drug convictions, arrests for crimes, mental instability, dire economic circumstances, etc).

So this leaves you wandering about the 28 from the "Trump-era".  Will any of them make it?

If there is some mental and physical exam....will their Trump-anxiety be a plus or negative on the application?  Will the Canadians worry about their fragile nature?  If the guy or gal eventually asks for anxiety treatment, because of Trump.....three years....five years....down the line, will the Canadians even have a treatment plan or capability for this?

A lot of Americans, my guess at well over 50-percent, think you can just go and apply for Canadian residency or citizenship, and have no problem in getting it.  If you look at their, there is a doorway with various requirements that you have to show before you are allowed residency.  Canada just doesn't have an unlimited amount of free social welfare, or law enforcement to handle 'problem-kids'.  You need to be able to quickly assimilate, fit, and start working.  In essence, you need to be selling something or producing something....thus paying taxes.

These 28 folks?  It would be interesting to have them in some chat forum and answering basic questions how they got to this Canada idea.  I doubt if it'd make sense to most of us.

My advice for the 28.....maybe you ought to go and find a second alternate country.  Maybe Panama.  Maybe Honduras.  Maybe Ireland.  Or just accept the fact that Trump is just a four-year or eight-year guy, and some fine Democrat will come to replace him one day.