Saturday, 31 December 2016

If You Want to Believe the Putin Hype

My take on all this talk of Putin and his guys hacking into the election of 2016?

I draw it down to three things:

1.  If you believe this talk of Putin involved in 2016....why would I limit myself to just 2016?  Isn't it possible that he rigged 2012, 2008, 2004, and 2000?  And the mid-year elections?  Could he have gotten involved into that, and arranged for various governors to be elected over other candidates?  Maybe even getting down into city council elections of Atlanta or Tucson?

Once you open this idea that such a thing occurred....where exactly does it end?  Were Bush and Obama helped?  You just don't know.

2.  So, it's bad that Putin and his guys messed with this election, but acceptable that dead people voted....potentially thousands double-voted....and potentially thousands of illegal aliens voted?  Right?

There are hundreds of problems with the way that elections are run in the US and the whole system is rigged with fraud and corruption.  Yet no one got worried about Americans screwing Americans.....just when Putin might have screwed Americans, well, that's different.

3.  So I come to the last item of discussion....why is it limited to only American elections?  Was BREXIT rigged?  Was the 2013 German national election rigged?  Was the World Soccer games rigged?  Are elections rigged in Italy and France?  I could easily go and suggest at least forty different countries that might have a Russian hacker group in the middle and working to ensure the 'other' guy wins.

The one odd thing you tend to notice with the accusation by the CIA?  Well....they are the same club of marginal half-wits who said Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, and cited fifteen-odd statements which all proved to be false.  ALL were proven to be false.  Not one, or five, or eight.....all were proven to be FALSE.  It's the same agency who now says they think that Putin has a weapon of mass vote-arranging.

Sorry, my belief and trust is zero with this crowd.