Monday, 30 January 2017

Acme, the Road Runner, and the Coyote

There are two cartoons that I typically stop what I'm doing when I channel-flip and I notice one of the two is on: Dexter's Lab, and the Coyote/Road Runner crew from Warner Brothers.

What I appreciate about the Road Runner cartoons is that no matter how crafty, or clever, or brilliant that the Coyote ever gets.....he seems to not calculate the consequence or end-result.

So, this brings me the news media (the Coyote) and President Trump (the Road Runner).

Back in Feb and was a few lines here and there, and mostly this joke that you'd see on CNN, the BBC, or read through the Washington Post.

In July, it'd gone up to thirty minutes a day of Coyote-material.

By October and early was some bridge-burning episode and maximum Coyote-material.  The Acme Company was shipping tens of thousands of pounds of gear to the Coyote daily, and it seemed to be totally wasted.

The Road Runner?  He didn't really break stride or slow down.  The people around him?  They were Road Runners as well.  They weren't willing to play low-ball with the Coyote-thugs.

After the election, I kept thinking....well....the Coyote routine can't go on'd just burn too many bridges and the entertainment level would start to soar after four weeks of the Presidency.  Well, the Coyote crowd continues on.  Every single bridge crossed, makes them less and less likely of having some comeback.

From the series, the Road Runner never failed.  Course, it was all scripted and could not go otherwise.  But I have this odd feeling that you might be looking at eight years of Road Runner cartoons on a daily basis, and that Coyote failing over 300,000 times.  Those Acme folks will make a ton of money off the Coyote idiots.

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