Friday, 27 January 2017

Four Less at the State Department

The four top "Number 2's" within the State Department resigned yesterday.  Differing accounts on this episode, with most saying that four were not as cooperative as required, and were asked to resign by the Trump Administration.

Promptly, I noticed that a number of US media outlets went with the message that this massive loss would be felt for DECADES.  It was entertaining fiction.

Having worked in the military, commercial, and government service worker world....I can say that the reality is that no one is ever non-replaceable.  It may take a week, but you will find four folks...hire them....and quickly move on.

You can go to CNN and fire the head-boss and his next ten folks around him....CNN still continues on and broadcasts with no issues.  You can go back and watch how Dan Rather was fired from CBS, and it really didn't matter....things moved on.  FDR died in office, Truman stepped in, and America moved on.

Anyone using the claim of damage done for years or decades....simply isn't living in the real world.

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