Sunday, 22 January 2017

How to Handle Violent Protesters

Watching the thugs perform their 'art' in DC from the last two days....I can safely say there are two protest types.  The first one goes and just marches....with a few chants, and is there for the companionship mostly.  The second is there for car-burning, thug-assaults, and building damage.

Cops arrested some of group two.  News folks say minimum of two hundred.  Some were part of a group that harmed a couple of DC cops....their charges will bump up a notch.  What the news folks that you could get between one and ten years in prison for the damage business, and up to a $25,000 fine.

My suggestion for this thug-assault and building-burner group....the judge ought to walk in and make this a pretty simple deal.  You can admit guilt, take a two-year prison sentence with a $10,000 fine....or take the rehab $10,000 in cash and wear a GPS-ankle bracelet for three years with restrictions.

Restrictions?  You are limited to five locations for three years: (1) your job, (2) grocery stores, (3) medical facilities, (4) the home of your parents or relatives, and (5) church.  No booze locations, movie theaters, or protests.  

It's mostly time to treat the thugs as immature adults and acting out some pretender rage.  Ground them....send them home.

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