Monday, 30 January 2017

In Case You Weren't Versed on the Holocaust

There was an omission over the weekend by the Trump White House in failing to acknowledge Jews as the one and only group who suffered under the Holocaust, by the evil Nazis.

It's a good slant item....worthy though....of fake news.

Oh, it's true that Trump didn't mention them as the one and only.

But before you jump into the news media's pocket on this....let's list the rest of the crowd who died under the Nazi-created Holocaust:

- Soviet POWs (yeah, they are listed as such)
- Germans and non-German disabled people
- Freemasons (in the 80,000 to 200,000 range)
- Romanians (same as the Freemasons)
- Serbs
- Ethnic Poles
- Gays
- Slovs
- Jehovah Witness folks (maybe up to 5,000)
- Spanish Republicans

The curious fact?  If you line up the Jews...with the remainder....the Jews only make up 50-percent of those who died under the Holocaust.  Did the CNN guy mention that?  Oh, did he skip that fact like all the rest for the past month or two?

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