Tuesday, 31 January 2017

More of the Barn-Burner Crowd?

For three days, I've sat and observed coverage of the anti-Trump ban order, which has resulted in large protest groups....oddly enough, at airports throughout the US.

Yes, they drive down....park in the time-parking deal....and then carry their placards to some central point where the 'bunch' of them protest to the cameras.

It is an odd thing that you notice after a while.  These significant airports with the protests?  They are all within the blue-county map of Hillary wins.  Highly urbanized areas, with major airports.

Protests at the airports on a red-county map?  No. So far, I've yet to see a single one.

Who are the protesters?  If you look at the slogans used, identifying speakers for each group....you start to notice they are the 'barn-burner-crowd'.....the various groups which make up the Democratic Party.  I noted the feminists, the environmentalist, the Muslim-Democrats, the revolutionary student players, religious groups with a Democratic cause, etc.

The plain regular working class Democratic guy, who pulls 40 hours a week and worries about jobs for his kids?  He's not there.  That's the core guy who wasn't there in the Hillary-Trump election to help the Democrats out, and he's not there now.  His missing says something about the effort, and why the news media has only a brief window to make something out of this.

These protests might make good scenery for the talkers at CNN, and give them something to talk about....but it's kind of an amusing story because more than half the nation has a problem with the current Green Card system, and the visa program.  Some of them might even say that Trump didn't go far enough.

The Democrats who get hyped up about this?  They would also be the ones who get bitter negative when some idiot Green-carded Jihad guy goes into an act in some American city and harms twenty Americans.

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