Friday, 27 January 2017

The Hillary Show

Some folks...mostly a very small group of journalists...have suggested a rumor they've heard in that Hillary Clinton will start up a TV-chat show shortly (maybe by the end of the year).

Why?  Generally, the comment comes around to keeping people focused on topics that Hillary thinks are important.

What network would sign up?  That's the funny thing.  No one can say. It won't be CNN or MSNBC, in my humble opinion.

Cost for a show?  You'd have to figure it's a five-day a week thing and at least 10-million dollars a year to stage the show and pay Hillary and the staff.

Problems?  Well, you can just imagine taping this each day....and Hillary goes into this coughing attack.  You'd stop the show for 30 minutes....start again the tape.  After you've done twenty of these shows and the coughing business is now described by the production would not be a positive.

Honestly, I can't think of a real reason to do this except that you might want to run again in 2020 against Trump.  Some expert might be convincing Hillary that Trump will be impeached and that she'd easily win the next just hang around for four years and wait for 2020.  For a lot of Democrats....this idea of another Hillary-campaign might be that thrilling.

My alternate plan?  Hire her for the View.  Less stress and four others to help carry the show.

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