Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Next Round of Oprah-Poker

I sat and noted that 60 Minutes came out today, and spoke on a new contract deal....with Oprah now as a special contributor.  The slant?  Well....she wants to focus on some special features to "heal" America. 60 Minutes has decided to give her a platform, and figures that a fair number of folks will come around to this.

In the period of 1988 to 1998....I think this would have been a brilliant move on both parties (CBS and Oprah).  In the period of 1998 to 2008...a somewhat positive move for both parties, and it would have reached to a couple of focus groups on the American landscape.

In 2017?  I think Oprah has long since missed the boat and will mostly drift out among various 'bridge-burner' and 'barn-burner' groups within the Democratic wing.  I don't see more than 30-percent of women having some must-hear enthusiasm with Oprah's 'heal' message.  Teens?  Much less so.

She might find a couple of communities and try hard with the first two or three episodes, but her 'heal' theme will have a problem with reality in America in 2017.  Charged-up politics now make some healing process practically impossible.  These lobby-groups of the Democratic Party are the chief mechanism of operation....simply skipping the working-class Democratic guy who used to be at the heart of the party.  Maybe she'll try to reintroduce this guy to the party, with her charm, emotions and mystic.  Her spirit carried her greatly in the mid-1980s and through the 1990s.  Things have changed though, and I think a fair number of people are mostly skeptical of journalist or TV gimmick.

Coupling 60 Minutes with Oprah?  Some genius at the national level probably thinks it's a 'can't lose' gimmick.  I would beg to differ.

Skeptical nature has grown a lot over the past decade.  It doesn't matter what skin color you have....what religion you profess...what beer you sip....what NFL or NCAA team you worship....what car you drive....or even what fake reality show you enjoy.  Folks are now on turbo when you view the landscape from a skeptical view.  Jim Bakker, as a religious figure in the 1980s....probably couldn't make it big in the 2017-era.  L. Ron Hubard today....if he were trying to invent a religion....would face a much more skeptical crowd.  Bill Clinton trying to explain his lust situation, would find a public today mostly laughing and asking if the oral was that good.

It is a bold new era.

My guess is that somewhere around the 4th Oprah episode....folks will openly discuss the fake nature of the episodes and that she's mostly missing reality of the 2017 landscape that exists. The hope in this whole gimmick?  Someone needs to reshuffle the cards for the 2018 mid-term election.  It has to have a totally different layout and appeal to the Democrats beyond the urban counties or these welfare-strong counties.

Oprah is the only 'dealer' left to play this type of poker and hope for better than average odds.  But I just see her hand for this poker round being worth that much in the end.  Skeptical nature will make Oprah-poker a lost cause.

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