Wednesday, 8 February 2017

On the Topic of Weight

I sat yesterday and was reading this quote from some Hollywood-type (I won't even bother using her name), who wanted everyone to know that she'd lost weight during the US election period.  She was so bothered and suffering from stress....that she couldn't eat.

Naturally, I was curious about this phenomenon and tried to look through various articles on see how much she lost.  Well, it's odd.  No one asked her, or no one wanted to say.  I looked at pictures of the gal from 2015 and recent humble guess is that yeah....she probably lost about 10 to 15 pounds.

I sat and pondered over this.

How many Americans might have been affected by the weight-loss-by-election theme?  A hundred-thousand?  A million?

Would they gain the weight back now, after the election?  Or would they go to the next level of stress under the Trump period, and lose another ten pounds per year (adding up to 40 pounds of loss by 2020)?  Would they reach some unhealthy state of life, where they'd require hospitalization?  Would some type of treatment program have to be developed to save these people from a unhealthy lifestyle?

The problem I see is that this person is so attached to politics and the outcome....that she's developed a new level of anxiety that would come to repeat itself every four years. Twenty years ago, this level of behavior would have been laughed upon.  Today?  There might be 500,000 Americans with weight-loss problems caused by elections.

In the end, I can imagine some professor becoming an expert at this business, and developing some treatment program for these folks.  Naturally, it would involve shutting down social media within their lifestyle....eliminating news viewing...entertaining new friends who talk about everything except politics....and developing some hobbies.  

So if you are in the company of some relative, who was a bit of a obsessive-Hillary fan and they seem to be awful thin....thinner than usual...then you need to be supportive.  Offer up some cookies, ice cream, pizza or peanut-butter items.  Spend an evening without any political chatter, and offer two or three slices of high-calorie cake.

My last question is the most curious though.....did the GOP-related crowd also suffer weight loss?  For some reason, I just don't think that happened.

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