Wednesday, 1 February 2017

That Budweiser Commercial

My brother sent me the link to the new Budweiser commercial for the Super Bowl.....more or less a catchy historical piece on Mr Adolphus Busch and him being an immigrant.

So I watched it.   Yeah, I got kinda emotional over it.  There are five observations.

1. First, it's a shock....he actually came to the front door of America (Ellis Island) and did the paperwork and health-check.....passed, and entered America.  No false name.  No fake ID.  No Jihad stuff.  Just plain Adolphus Busch.  You should note, this was 1857....only three years prior to the Civil War.  I should also note you didn't have stupid State Department idiots running much of anything.

2.  There's never a single minute that you can attribute his life to social benefits or some government hand-out program, period.  In fact, he's a local kid from here in the area I live....of Kastel.  He was the 21st kid of a twenty-two kid family.  In simple terms, while the family did well in wine....he was set to get virtually nothing of the business because he had 20 kids ahead of him.  He came with three older brothers, who were also in the same situation....nothing to gain by staying in Kastel.  I should note, Kastel sits upon the Rhine and is five minutes walking over the bridge to Mainz.

3.  The beer thing?  Well....they skipped a large of this story.  Most Americans didn't drink beer.  Most Irish didn't drink beer.  Most Chinese didn't drink beer.  Most Amish.....well....they didn't drink period.  So it's a virtually small and limited audience....Germans.  He has to go, where Germans exist in America.  And they are his only customer.  You might also want to note that roughly a decade later when "junior" went back to Germany as a fairly big success in the brewery business....his dad (ever the wine connoisseur) advised him that beer was not the business to put your heart into.

4.  This slam about ten seconds into the commercial about foreigners?  Well...EVERYONE, to include the Indians as well....are migrants or immigrants into America.  Maybe there is some slam against particular nationalities, but go and look for any country in Europe that was having success mixing twenty different cultural groups into one single society.  The Ukraine, to some minor degree might be mentioned....but no country in Europe, or for that matter throughout the rest of the world....ever blended such a group into one single focus group.

5.  Finally, I come to this odd aspect of the video and what I see.  Germans rarely ever fail at something that they put their heart and soul into.  To their credit....they will MAKE something work, one way or another.  This is part of Adolphus Busch's success.  He looked at the saloon trade, beer gardens, and found various ways to make this attractive to non-Germans.  He built the business into what it is today.

I should note that roughly 25 years after Busch entered the US.....a 16-year-old German kid (underage noted here) entered through the same port (Ellis Island)....gave them his true name (no fake ID), and was approved for entry.  Again, that kid didn't ask for much....or get any hand-out.  The kid did well and also had some remarkable success....trying to come back in 1904 with his success into the Pfalz region of Germany.  The Prussians didn't take this well, and told the young man to leave.  And so, Frederick Trump returned to America.  Fourteen years later (1918), he got sick and died.  His widow, the Scot, handled things well, and eventually handed things down to her grandson Donald.

From what I hear, Donald has done well.  Frederick probably would have told him to skip all this government bureaucratic stuff, and just stick with hotels.

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