Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The "This is Who" Moment

I noted in the news this morning....roughly 900 State Department folks signed up some deal to say "This is not who we are" toward the Trump Administration and this ban on six countries for 90 days that came out of the weekend.

They wanted to send a message.

I sat for a while and pondered over this.

Allow me to tell you....(the brilliant individuals signing this counter statement to the Administration)....who you are.

When President Obama noted last year that there were six countries from which our visa and Green Card program was screwed up over.....that was your moment of reality.

Ask yourself.....who runs the visa program?  Oh, yeah....the State Department.

Ask yourself....who runs the Green Card program?  Oh, yeah....the State Department.

It's you guys.

For the last thirty to forty years, with all the marginal effort and poor made the visa and Green Card program into a joke.  Oh, you had help....President Clinton, President Bush, and President Obama.  You had idiots from foundations and terror groups who also helped.  You had Senators who helped. Even Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation helped.

Here's the curious that you made this stupid statement "this is not who we are"....the administration wants this fixed.  So they will be handing you (the State Department) some guidelines and expectations for change (probably within the next week).

I know how clever and stupid that you can be, and I'm already betting that you will just say "no", and refuse to solve this problem or implement the changes necessary.  That's ok.  The boss will document this, and in roughly three the ban gets lifted and no fixes are in place.....we move to the next stage.

My humble guess is that you've got maybe three months of employment left at this point.  At that point, I expect around a thousand folks to get a notice of termination.  Even if you survive that list....there's probably a second list with another thousand by the end of 2017.

Here's the neat thing for you State Department you get let go, there is this freeze across the rest of the government.  So, in the past, you'd just go to the CIA or maybe some Archives job for six to twelve get a chance to come back.  Well....they won't be offering jobs during the freeze.

Plan B?  Maybe across DC, with NPR, the foundations and the university crowd....there might be 300 jobs for you.  But remember....lots of other government agencies will also be letting folks go, so you got competition.

Plan C?  You could go and apply across the nation to major colleges and hope someone will let you instruct for a year or two....waiting out the moment when Trump gets impeached.  Course, maybe he makes it through 2020, and gets re-elected.....can the university hold you until 2024?

Here's the reality of plan D.  You might want to prepare for a job with some high school in Texas or Oklahoma.

Mad?  Angry?  Whining to your folks or relatives about this?  Some might come back to you and ask why didn't fix the Green Card program?  Or why didn't you fix the visa-program?

Those intellectual friends from Paris, Berlin and London?  Oh, they will call you up and tell you to stay strong and anti-Trump.  You will eventually ask.....isn't your visa-program screwed-up in France? Oh yes, but we are 'safe'....they won't fire us.  Then you ask your German associate in Berlin.....don't you have 500,000 failed visa-applicants in Germany?  Oh yes, but we are 'safe'....they won't fire us.  Eventually, you will realize that they really don't know who they are.....they are just as naive as you.

You'd best open up some bottle of Jack Daniels and prepare yourself for a dose of reality.  This is where you really learn who you are, and how you got to where you stand.

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