Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Wives Story

I noted in the news today that some guy who was 93 years old in Nigeria had passed away.  His significance to get mentioned?  He was a Muslim cleric guy, with 130 wives.

Yeah....130 spouses.

I have my doubts that he could easily remember the names of all 130 women, but maybe that's not such a big deal in Nigeria. Maybe you could utter 'darling' a fair bit and just sneak by on remembering everyone's face and name.

Creating a problem for the other guys?  Well...that's the thing about a society which has usually a 50-50 birthrate.  It generally means that he was hurting the chances of 129 other guys in the country.

I'm one of those folks who often sit through a Mormon story of multiple wives and will listen to the whole theme and landscape described.  I might be able to see some reason or logic with maybe two wives....beyond that, I think a guy is treading on shaky ground.  Too much jealousy....too much greed....too many fights over nothing, it's just not worth the hassle to bulk up on wives.

Folks in Nigeria note that this guy leaves roughly 200 wives and kids now.  Hard to say what happens, or if some other guy will come up to take some of the widows.

Maybe some guy will write up a movie script over this and make a Hollywood production of the guy.  My title for it?  One is Never Enough.

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