Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Why Paul Harvey Mattered

A couple of years ago....there was a newspaper (the Rochester Democrat) that wrote up a piece talking of a comparison between Rush Limbaugh and Paul Harvey.

“Talk radio needs a little more Harvey.” “A lot of word pictures are drawn every day purporting to describe how inflexibly partisan and flat-out angry the world of popular communication has become. But few things tell the tale better than two names. In short, Harvey was the velvet glove. And Limbaugh is the iron fist. Take your pick.”

It was an attempt to take the image of Paul Harvey, with his wit....and make some comparison.

Paul was never a real news guy...he was mostly an accomplished story teller...who sat and read all the news of the day, and then would tell you the layout of the world.

If you sat in a state of blindness...Paul painted the image for you.

If you were in a state of chaos....Paul laid out the simpleness...thus making you feel at ease.

If the technicians of vast design were tossing words, verbs and adjectives at you with no clear understanding...then Paul wrestled them to the ground and simplified it in five brief lines.

If some political hack out of DC gave a 45-minute speech...Paul would simply carve out the two lines that mattered to you.

If some farmer in Red Bay had only fifteen minutes a day to spare...where he could rest his weary feet and tortured hands...sipping some coffee and catching up on worldly events....then it'd be by the pick-up radio as he listened to Paul advising him on the world today.

If a dozen nightly newsmen had spent a thousand man-hours....working up a sweat and done everything possible to discredit the US military, then Paul could undo their damage in 60 seconds...making the giants of corporate broadcasting look like fools.

If you needed a pep talk after 9-11, Paul gave it.

If you needed a reason not to despair or worry about life...Paul gave it.

He had no gentle hands or delicate touch. He would dispense absolutely terrible news and tragic opera in the sense of life today.

Paul knew your strength was based on this American uniqueness...'we'll just ride this out' and know that the sun will rise again tomorrow.

Paul would avoid using the word "whore" but say it in a gentle way that the gal had no morals.

Paul could whip up a bit of advice to some 15-year-old kid that got him back onto priorities and a decent compass direction.

If someone had whipped up some huge mess of rocket science....then Paul would untangle the story enough to lay out five or six science statements which would make sense to some guy with a ninth-grade education.

The thing was....Paul was never obsessed or dedicated to biased news.  If he'd said something bad against the Democrats today....he'd come right back tomorrow to say something crappy about the Republicans.

If some politician was acting like they were an idiot....he'd kinda let you know that the guy wasn't hitting on all cylinders.  It'd be said in a nice way, but he wouldn't have avoided the obvious.  With the Hillary-pneumonia episode at the 9-11 Memorial....he might have been able to suggest that she needed some medical attention but a week later when she seemed all fine....he would have asked what medication that you can take to get over the pneumonia that quick.  I think he would have said a dozen odd things over Trump, suggesting the GOP could do better.

The sad thing is that there are no Paul Harveys today.

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