Wednesday, 17 May 2017

If and When Impeachment Comes

After a fair amount of reading and pondering, I have come to four observations about this entire impeachment talk.

1.  Since 9 November 2016, oddly enough, there's been impeachment talk.  Within twelve hours of Trump being declared the winner, I can recall at least two chatty 'experts' noting that the impeachment would occur.  The simple fact is that you would need two-thirds of the 100 Senators to convict and remove the President.  That means you'd have to find at least 18 Senators who are Republican to cross the line.  You can talk all you want about impeachment, but those 18 Senators would be more or less finished for all future elections within their states.  More than enough people would consider the GOP 'brand-name' to be finished and do just about anything to bring those individuals back home (in the permanent sense).

2.  The journalists hyping up their anonymous sources, and weekly chatting about impeachment?  Oddly, they are the same ones who were in July, August, September, and October.....telling you and I that Hillary was safely ahead, and would be winning by 10-percent or more.  Same you have wonder....if they didn't know what they were talking about in the months before the election of can they be sure of much today?

3.  The insiders dishing out anonymous information?  At some point, they will be brought into a room and be told that tapes now exist of them passing information onto journalists.  They will be given a rare stay on and keep their job, with no charges filed against handing false information and helping the journalists to write pages and pages of false reporting which will end up creating a massive public joke.

4.  To bring charges of impeachment, you have to have the charges read, and a majority of House members (remember, the GOP controls the House right now) must vote in favor of handing the papers over to the Senate.

Where all of this leads onto?  The entire House election in November of 2018 will be about impeachment charges, period.

You will be sitting there in amazement as dozens of TV ad's each week in September and October of 2018 hit you over Trump.

The problem is that you have the GOP members talking about platforms, agendas, taxes, jobs, growth, and the military....while the only theme from the Democrats will be the impeachment.

Ask yourself....which is the positive message?  If by the summer of 2018, there's over one-million new jobs created in the United will the impeachment theme sell over those jobs and new tax credits?

Maybe it's just me, but you'd have more success over dumping the DH rule in baseball, than impeaching Trump.

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