Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Mentality of Abandoning

There's a pretty decent article over at the Atlantic today....which goes into a long essay and chats about Americans who are deserting towns and regions throughout America....because there's no jobs and no future.

What the writer goes on to talking that a guy will wake up one day and realize his 'anchor' (his community) has nothing to offer, and it's time to hit the road.  Where the guy goes is much of this essay because it's not rocket science over where you choose to escape to, or try to find a future.

I look upon this whole experience as abandonment.

From 1929 to can find hundreds of thousands who woke up one day to realize that factory job was gone, and there was no future staying in their community.  Some not only abandoned their home and town....some even abandoned their family, in hopes of finding something (anything).

Over the past couple of decades, most folks have launched themselves into anchoring down....buying property....handcuffing themselves to one particular church....making long-term connections to the community....building their whole life into the big puzzle of the region itself.  So walking away from it has to be fairly difficult and complex.

I live in Germany today, and it's a place where you just don't desert your home-region.  Germans will think of a move from the west part of Frankfurt, to the east part of Frankfurt as a massive move (a 4 mile move at best).  Don't even come up and suggest that they'd have to move from Frankfurt to Eltville (25 miles away).....they'd get all hyped up and frustrated about such a suggestion.

Some people are born with the capability of just accepting a radical move, and just get on with their life.  Some folks are opposite, and they will never be able to form a connection to their new neighborhood or new town.

The Atlantic piece is worth reading and does highlight part of our problem today....nothing is really secure.

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