Monday, 8 May 2017

Ten Observations about Star Trek

If you count up the five different Start Trek series....I've watched about five-hundred episodes.  After a while, there's some things that you notice.

1.  It seems like no one ever has to go off to the latrine and spend some sitting time after eating some pretty solid chunky food.

2.  No one seems to have any necessity for duct-tape.

3.  Everyone in Star Fleet appears to be some male model.  No chunky women, no beer-gut guys, etc.

4.  No one on board ever drinks Pepsi or Coke.

5.  You never seem to see any bad behavior occasions from the crew where you need to have Lt Jones punished or sent to the brig.

6.  You never see any of the quarters for the junior guys onboard.

7.  You never seem to see any mental nutcases onboard.

8.  You never see a BX or shoppette onboard.

9.  No one ever talks NCAA football, which means that it must have just gone away at some point.

10. There's never any uniform inspections, which just strikes me as curious how you can go so long without jumping on folks.

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