Monday, 8 May 2017

Trump and Kim Jung Um?

The odds of Trump and North Korea's Kim Jung Um meeting?  A year ago, I would have said one in a billion.  Right now....maybe one in six.

My'd have to be arranged in China.  Some private residence with Chinese guards.

You can imagine Trump sitting there with Kim.....chatting up golf and luxury condo stuff for a while, and eventually they get around to the nuke missile business.

After a while, Kim starts to realize that Donald is a pretty regular guy.  By the end of this visit, they both agree on more future talks.  Kim comes to visit Washington, tour the a live NBA basketball game or two....and eat a few pizzas.

After a year, there's some fancy treaty signed by Donald and Kim, and everyone is so shocked, that the Nobel Peace Prize folks accidentally go crazy and nominate the two for some award. could happen that way.

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