Tuesday, 27 June 2017

CNN Fake News?

I sat and watched this piece done on CNN and it's fake news episode covering Trump.  It leaves a bad taste in your mouth but I would suggest that you sit and watch the piece.

Basically, as much as they say commercialism has not spoiled the news....it's simply not true....commercialism pays the bills and ensures the survival of an overload of journalists.

The sad thing is that CNN's efforts make them appear to be marginal news people, and more to being just cheerleaders for some agenda.

The guy doing much of the talking?  John Bonifield....a supervising producer. More than 10 years with CNN.  You get the opinion that he kinda dislikes the whole commercialization of news but it's the only way to pay for his lifestyle.

So, all this CNN hype for the past five months?  Fake?  Yeah.  The Russians?  Fake.  Collusion?  Fake.  The only non-fake thing are the commercials that run between the news bits.

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